longer than we know


as turtles grow 

and  fossils know 

god keeps his eye on who is slow

and surely he will care for what we‘ll be


the earth below

her waters  flow

and slowly we will keep up, you and me

until we are the earth again 

and longer than we know that we have been 


so ease your mind

let thinking drift upon

the waves of love

like pain of birth

your mother's heart 

it cannot hurt

we cannot lie

we cannot be undone







Meine Mutter und ich, Drip by Drip, Tropfen für Tropfen
My mother and I















breathing closeness

thinking distance

sleeping bird watchful

on a thin branch

weightful feathers


if you believe












the grass I grow


the grass I grow is green and nice

I paint it through the barbed wire

and water is a strong advice

when time and words are just to hire

for dripping all my pain to life

to get in kind of touch


you are so far and yet so close

don‘t think this is not much


the grass I grow comes out of you

the past you didn‘t mean to do

and drip by drip you grow into my life 


I‘m green to know, the breath I breathe

comes out of you and throughout me

and tear by tear is how we once arrive










Drip by Drip, My mother and I, Meine Mutter und ich, Tropfen für Tropfen